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Hi, I'm Amy. From an early age I have loved the challenges and rewards that come from health and fitness. For me, nothing compares to feeling physically strong and pushing myself beyond what I think I am capable of. Athletics have taught me how to work hard for what I wanted, no matter how long it took to pay off.  I wasn’t good at every sport, however, I did learn the valuable lessons of teamwork, respect and humility and that a cohesive “team” with strong leadership is capable of great accomplishments.


As a trainer, I carry this “team” mentality into my coaching. My goal is for my clients to build confidence and knowledge and to trust that, as a team, we will get results. I strive to identify and change behaviors by providing realistic solutions for previous barriers to success. Having struggled with complicated food allergies all of my life, I also consider nutrition and lifestyle factors to be equally as important as fitness. I believe it is crucial to educate clients on the “why” behind the “what” in all areas so that a foundation of knowledge and accountability is established, ultimately accelerating their results.


During my time at the University of Oregon I studied Psychology, Sociology and Business Administration while continuing to participate in my two strongest sports - lacrosse and equestrian. I also joined the Triathlon team and continued racing at the amateur level for several years. After graduation I worked as a professional horse trainer while earning my Masters of Public Health in Health Promotion from Portland State University. During this time I added competitive powerlifting to my resume and began coaching lacrosse at the high school level.


More recently, I have joined forces with the Rose City Girls Hockey Club to facilitate their dry-land strength training program. For the past three years I have also assisted as a strength training resource and member of the Miss Fit Dragons, an all-women’s competitive dragon boat team. I plan to continue on my path of becoming the most dynamic athlete I can be by investing in superior coaching and education to design and execute a program that balances raw strength with both functional development and cardiovascular ability. 


It is my passion as a trainer and human being to inspire others to take action and realize their untapped ability. No matter the goal, resources or timeline, I believe that everyone is capable of success if they are willing to embrace the journey, continue learning and persevere through inevitable setbacks. This effort is much easier with a “team” that provides the knowledge, understanding and experience to ensure a safe, effective and individualized game plan that actually works. To anyone reading this who feels like it’s too late, I’m here to tell you, it never is. 


Today can be the day that things change.

All you have to do is show up.  

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At Vandenburgh Fitness we recognize that fitness can mean something different for every client and therefore offer a wide variety of services to fit your unique needs.               us today and we will work with you to add in any other specific elements you’re looking for.


"Training with Amy is so much more than what happens in the gym.  She actually takes interest in the things in my life that affect the work we do together. She has ushered me through injuries and has given me the confidence to figure things out on my own if she is not available. She is a pusher. She pushes me to be the best I can be."

—  Michael Mendelson



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